Thursday, March 3, 2016

IT Cosmetics Superhero Sample

I have something out there for all the Men to share with there ladies or themselves! I got an email about this program fro because I buy my daughters and wife gifts from they are self proclaimed #ITGirls I personally love their new moisturizer! I can review it for you at a later date! I think everyone should join this program they have going called IT Girl Superhero. You will be entered to win monthly prizes from IT Cosmetics as well as little sample gifts each month! Read below and click the link to join directly here @ 

If you have not heard about becoming an IT Girl Superhero you will learn about it now and to join click this link here  @   all you have to do is enter your information including your address and you will get a free Mini Super Hero Mascara for joining the IT Girl Superhero team! On top of that you will be entered to win prizes of full size IT Cosmetics! Again here is the link

Friday, May 9, 2014

An Announcement

I just wanted to check in and announce to you that I am now A BzzAgent on This is a wonderful program that has already invited me to my first campaign. After I receive it I will review it here! This is exciting!

Also Everyone out there DONT FORGET YOUR MOMS THIS WEEKEND SUNDAY MAY 11th IS MOTHERS DAY! SO THANK YOUR MOM AND THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN!! Ask them what they want to do...the answer may surprise you!

Those are my thoughts until next time! :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Back Again

Hi Again Everyone,

Its been a while and I am back again. I have been doing A LOT of review on and I watched my score go up. I was hopeful for a VoxBox but didn't get one this go around hopefully the next one will be mine so I can tell all my readers all about this wonderful program. On another note I just saw my score drop so who knows?!

I just had a few thoughts to share with you. WEAR SUNSCREEN even if its snowing outside its VERY IMPORTANT!!

Now my most important thought is that it is ONE WEEK UNTIL VALENTINES DAY!! So get your act together and get your SWEETHEART something because something is better than nothing!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just thoughts

This is going just be thoughts of a guy from a guys perspective about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! I even got involved in Influenster to try out different things for all of you out there. I will have review on here and on Influenster. They are an exclusive nation of people who review things and help each other out for that we get rewarded every now and then with voxboxes full of goodies to try and review too! Its invite only and I got some for everyone guys too! We want sign up 5000 of you men out there for a good cause its movember so ask me for an invite and its yours. Also visit

Well those are my thoughts from a man right now!